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Xzone Lures (formally Strike Zone) was founded by Canadian tournament angler Mark Kulik. Mark was practicing for some upcoming tournaments that best suited a drop shot technique and wanted a bait that might emulate most of the forage in the lakes where the events were being held. The lakes had an abundance of crayfish and goby so a profile that looked and acted like both with an action that could vary depending on conditions was required. This eventually led to the first “Slammer” designs. Mark’s success in the tournaments and expertise using the “dropshot” technique have made him a household name in the Canadian fishing industry and the “Slammer” has become one of the most dominant baits throughout Southern Ontario. It has been so successful that it’s popularity is quickly catching on all across North America!

The by-products and designs stemming from the original “Slammer” has made Mark one of the premier bait designers today. His experience and insight into designing edible profiles, actions, and colours has vaulted Xzone Lures into the forefront of the tackle industry and the “Slammer” joins an elite group of successful game changing profiles along with the curly tailed grub, the tube jig, and the senko.

Xzone now has several new innovative designs for an array of techniques and species for the professional and recreational angler alike.


                     SLAMMER 4 INCH.

Tournament Trail

2014 is looking to be an awesome year as we again join the FLW Northern Rayovac Tour. In addition to that we will be joining the BASSMASTER Northern Open Tour. These tours offer some great bodies of water to fish that will fit my fishing style great. I have prepared mentally, physcially and I am more confident this year that I have ever been so follow us through all the social media and website access to see how our season goes!
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Spring Pan-Fishing Made Easy

Posted by chris on April 10, 2014


It has been a long winter in the North Country and spring is finally in the air. Some of the best early spring time fishing is not far away. It can seem like a grueling task to figure out a spot to catch some Bullhead or Crappie with the endless amounts of waterways that we have in the North Country. Over the years of chasing every species of fish around our waters I have picked up on a few things that may be able to simplify this process and allow you to get out and enjoy some fresh air and have some great Panfish action.

UP NORTH Outdoors

Posted by chris on February 27, 2014

logo_2.JPG                      What's that Logo all about?


I am sure by now many of our close friends, family and social media friends have seen a picture of a logo that we have had designed. We have been displaying the logo since we recently had it done along with a new business name, but other than that we have not said much about why or how it was designed. As my 2014 season is quickly approaching, it's about time to let everyone in on some of our plans for this season.  web_1.JPG

One bit at a time-my story

Posted by chris on January 20, 2014

bits2.pngThe 2014 season is getting closer and I have been posting updates about new sponsors and programs I have become part of for this season. Recently I posted how I became a member of the ENERGYbits team. I have been flooded with questions about the product, what it can do and how to purchase it. So I wanted to tell everyone why I became involved with the company and what it has done for me.


First and foremost, I am not a dietician or fitness trainer. The information I am providing to you is strictly things I have learned over the years as part of my attempts to stay fit with time limitations restricting my workout and diet routines.  

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