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2014 FLW Rayovac and BASS Open

Posted by chris on December 24, 2014

The 2014 Pro angling season had its ups and downs for me. It seemed like a lot more downs than ups.By the time the season had come and gone it felt like I was laying on my back with a cement block on my chest fighting to get back up. The fortunate thing was every time I was knocked down I was laying on my back looking up. The reason I could always look up was what I came home to every day. A great wife that supports me and motivates me to jump back on the bull that threw me off. Along with my four crazy German Shorthairs Pointers who make me laugh every day. My wife Jen put together a great video of our journey at Lake Champlain. jens phone pictures 822.JPG


The song in the video done by Country music star Craig Campbell has more than just a lyrical meaning to us. Like many country music stars they struggle to reach the level they desire much like Pro Bass Anlers. We were able to see Craig in concert this year when he came to our area which was  awesome. The story also takes a twist in that the drummer for Craig Campbell is a local guy and avid bass angler much like myself chasing a dream. Austin Curcuruto has been working in the music industry for years chasing a dream of becoming a star and living something that he has true passion for. Austin is now living his dream playing for Craig and when they came to Austin's home town I new we had to go to the concert.US.jpg

We arrived at the county fair and I could feel the intensity in the air, at that time I had never personally met Austin. We had met through facebook and chatted about fishing and chasing dreams. Austin told me how much he looked up to me for chasing something out of my comfort zone that most people are afraid to do. I think in life people are hesitant to chase dreams for fear of failure and what people might think when you do not achieve the first , second, third or one hundredth time. The important thing is no matter what happens, you tried. 

As I stood in the crowd waiting for Craig and Austin come onto the stage I could feel the electricity in the air. I know Craig must have been riding high on a great year and feeling like he had finally made it with a number of hits that have come onto the radio scene. Austin on the other hand I am thinking at that moment just before walking on stage in his home town in front of family, friend and fans must have been....like just sealing the deal on the Bassmaster Classic. I will never forget as the curtains opend and the first song started with Austin breaking the silence with the first crack of his drum, the crowd went crazy. At that very moment I lived someones dream coming true, I felt a lump in my throat and behind my sunglasses I could feel my eyes water up. Austin had achieved a dream at that very moment and I being a dream chaser felt was it was like for someone to reach that level and it has to this day motivated me more than ever. 

Later that night I met Austin and Craig for a beer and to briefly chat. As I sat in the bar waiting for him to come inside I met his mother whom I had never met before. We chatted and when I told her who I was she was so excited and said that Austin was wanting to meet me and she rushed outside to get him. Austin and I met for the first time and it was like to long lost friends. He was excited to introduce me to his family and Craig and told me how much he loves to see me chasing my dreams also. I never told him about the above little story of what I felt or asked him how he felt. But by the smile on his face I was pretty sure what he was feeling. 

I think the moral of my story is no matter what dream you may be chasing, drummer, Country Music singer or Pro Bass Angler being knocked down is not all that bad because when you get back up and climb to the top it makes it all that much better. 

Be sure to check out more of Craig Campbell and Austin on tour at the link: Craig Campbell

I hope everyone out there has a great Holiday season, Take a few minutes and enjoy what Lake Champlain, Fishing and our crazy dogs have to offer while listening to an awesome cover song by Craig Campbell in our You Tube Video.