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Posted by chris on May 25, 2013


Tournament season is about to go into full swing, so with that I will be once again giving some products away out of Chris's boat:)


Smith Mountain Lake-Virginia

Posted by chris on May 15, 2013

me_and_stripe_edit.jpgLast season I had plenty of compliments on some of the articles that I wrote, since then I have put plenty of thought into what or if I was going to continue to write about for the 2013 season. I decided I would continue to write about my tournament experiences but I wanted to also write about other unique outdoor experiences I encounter while out on the water this summer.

Black Lake Fishing Report May 2, 2013

Posted by admin on May 4, 2013

I made it out to Black Lake for the first time this year with my father and friend John. We got on the water about 10:30 am and started searching backwater pockets. The water temperature in the first area we stopped at was 59-60 degrees. The water level seemed low as the first area I like to check I was not able to get back into. There were active fish around and we caught about 10 crappie on our first stop. The bite was not quite what I was looking for so we moved further north on the lake.

The second stop the water temperature was getting closer to what I was looking for but the cover was not right. We continued jumping in and out of back cove pockets until we hit pay dirt. As we pulled into a back pocket of a cove I could see the water temperature was touching 65-66 degrees and we soon found fish everywhere. The crappie have moved into spawn and were continuing to move in as we dropped the power pole to catch fish. Most of the fish we were catching were in less than 12 inches of water. They were relating to a mix of new lily pads and hard bottom. We stayed at this location for the rest of the day and boated over 100 crappies in a small 40 yard stretch. ( We released plenty of these fish, only keeping some for a meal.)BK_3.jpg

We were using ultra light poles equipped with spinning reels spooled with 4lb fluorocarbon line. A slip bobber with a 1-1/2 in Poor Boys Pan Fish Tube jig rigged underneath. The color did not really seem to make a big difference but we were using tube colors 121,123 and 126 which we seemed to get better bites on.. I had noticed the fish were becoming increasingly aggressive as the day warmed and decided to switch to a 1/8 ounce square bill crankbait. Throwing that I continued to catch more and bigger fish than Dad and John who were using the slip bobber setup.

Expect the bite on Black Lake to be excellent as the spawn has started. This excellent bite will not last forever, so if you are thinking of getting out for some great panfish action now is the time to do it. Remember these fish will be easy to catch at times so please be careful and only catch and keep what you will eat for a meal. This is one of the few times a year I actually keep fish, crappie is one of my favorite meals. But keep only enough for a fresh fish fry as you do not want to waste our precious resources and we all want to enjoy what Black lake has to offer for years to come.BK_DAD.jpg

I am in the process of putting together my video from the fishing on Black Lake which will show exactly what we did and the type of water we were in so check back to my website www.http:\\chrisflintfishing.com to really see what was going on out there!