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Indian River Walleye Spawn

Posted by chris on April 14, 2015




The North Country weather is finally starting to ease up and signs of springtime are on the way. For many of us Outdoors men and women this means Turkey season, bullhead fishing and one of my favorites Crappie season. This time of year the spawn comes into full swing. If you have never taken the time to see the Walleye run on the Indian River you are missing out. It is truly one of mother natures greatest things to see. The river will soon become jam packed with walleye making their annual run up the river to spawn. I would expect if they have not started it will be anytime soon. So when you are out for a drive to enjoy the nice weather take a drive up to the Indian River to see the run its an awesome sight! I have attached a You Tube Video from a previous year Walleye Run on the Indian river to show you what its all about! Enjoy!