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Ipad-the next generation in fishing

Posted by chris on July 6, 2013


Technology, love it or hate it, we have to use it or we are left way behind!  I purchased an Ipad last year, the model I own is the ‘New’ Ipad or the 3rd version, which features 4G data, like a cell phone.  I use my Ipad for everything, but I recently discovered it can help me catch fish!!









I purchased the Navionic HD mapping application for the IPad which covers the entire United States. When preparing for events this purchase has proven to be priceless. With the application installed I am able to pull up any area in the United States to check out the body of water. There are plenty of options available with this application. One option is to download any map which is beneficial if cell coverage is lost.  I can still have the ability to use the map interactively. Using the map with my cell coverage my options are expanded.Clicking on my map options I have the  opportunity to overlay my map with BING, Terrain Features and Google Earth. By adding these features I know have the ability to see what is way up at the end of a creek or if the large bay has
boat docks located in the back of it. I now have a bird’s eye view of the body of water I am fishing and that can save time and help me locate ideal fishing locations.

There is also an upgrade feature for around five dollars that will help in planning routes and more
detailed travel information. This feature also lets you plug in data which will estimate fuel consumption and arrival times. This is a great feature if plan to make long runs. With another tap of the screen I can also do a search. Low on fuel? I use the search menu and hit marina and a drop down menu shows up with a list of Marinas and how far they are from my current location. Then click on the marina that you want to go to and directions pop onto the screen and you
are on your way!

I am still new to the system and finding new features or tools to use each time I use it. Adding waypoints or routes to the map are as simple as hitting the LAT/LON icon and a dial window opens with coordinates on it, spin the dials to your desired coordinates and press save, your new location is added to the map.  The best part to me is being able to remove my Ipad and take it with me at the end of the day. I have all of my data, routes and locations I fished with me ready to
review.  This is great for planning the next practice day or your tournament day. I can review my trails, routes and waypoints and look for other locations that evening that I may want to fish the following day. Before tournament day I can arrange my routes properly to be sure I will hit all of my key locations in the order I think is best.

By all means this will not catch fish but it sure will up the odds of finding those key locations. I am
willing to try anything that may give me that edge I may need to get ahead of the other angler in an attempt to win and this just may be one of those things;

The items I purchased and installed include:

Ipad “New” or 3rd of
the series-$485.95

Lifeproof Nuud Case with
Stand- $129.99

Zagg Invisible Shield- $44.95

Tab Tite Clamping

Flat Ball Mount 1inch-$23.90

Ram Roto View-$23.48

The Lifeproof Nuud Case is waterproof, durable and sealed very well. This case seals your fits your unit so nothing can get inside to hurt the electronic components. The screen is not covered and out in the elements, still waterproof but not protected. The case recommends removing all screen protection before placing the Ipad into the Nuud case. So to protect your screen I recommend getting the Zagg invisible shield which is cut to fit the Nuud case.

The Tab Tite Clamping cradle is a spring loaded cradle that holds your case and Ipad unit in place. Simply insert one end of the Ipad into the moving end of the cradle and press into
place. The springs are under a lot of tension and securely lock the Ipad into place.

On the back of the Ipad, I mounted the Ram Roto view. This allows the Ipad to be swivel on the mount in a 360 degree rotation. This mount allows you to adjust your Ipad into any angle
or view you prefer for maximum viewing capability.

I then used a one inch Flat mount to put everything together. With this Ram Ball mount installed I
have a unit which I can twist and turn into any location. Another feature I like is being able to interchange this mount with other mounts. For example, I also have the cup holder Ipad mount which is mounted on that one inch ball. This allows me to place the Ipad in my truck where I use the mapping and directional abilities in my travels.

Technology has come a long way and like it or not, if we want to get better at something we must take every opportunity, even if it’s new and difficult.

 “Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things toremain the same but get better.” ~Sydney J. Harris