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One bit at a time-my story

Posted by chris on January 20, 2014

bits2.pngThe 2014 season is getting closer and I have been posting updates about new sponsors and programs I have become part of for this season. Recently I posted how I became a member of the ENERGYbits team. I have been flooded with questions about the product, what it can do and how to purchase it. So I wanted to tell everyone why I became involved with the company and what it has done for me.


First and foremost, I am not a dietician or fitness trainer. The information I am providing to you is strictly things I have learned over the years as part of my attempts to stay fit with time limitations restricting my workout and diet routines.  

For years I have been searching for a quick and healthy alternative to supplement my diet in order to eat healthy, have energy and maintain a healthy weight. I have seen many supplement gimmicks and I will admit I have tried a bunch of them. Some work and some are a waste of money. Most seem to leave you with a crash after the supplement has left your system. I read about ENERGYbits online through an Instagram post. After doing some research on it, because I was not buying into just anything, I found it made complete sense and I purchased my first bag of ENERGYbits. At the time of the purchase I was 225 pounds which is an uncomfortable weight for me and my training season was about to begin for the 2014 Pro Angling season.


My primary job is in Law Enforcement and the lifestyle of a Police Officer can hinder healthy eating habits. I have been working in law enforcement for 16 years and my wife is also in Law Enforcement and has been for 11 years. Starting off as a young recruit, the training is rigorous and you have to be in top physical condition to enter a Police academy and complete training items such as running, weight lifting, hand to hand combat, and firearms, just to name a few. After graduation you enter into a different world of working road patrol where long hours and shift work interrupt regular training routine. Healthy meals are replaced with late night subs, pizza and convenient store food. It is a constant battle to maintain a healthy lifestyle under these conditions but important because when called for service, Police Officers should be in top physical condition in order to assist citizens in times of crisis. I have never been one to fall totally out of this fitness realm but I have seen plenty of Officers gain a lot of weight and go into a sedentary lifestyle. Besides car accidents and gunshot wounds, heart attacks are the number one killers of law enforcement personnel. Without taking time to properly prepare your meals in advance before your work week it can be difficult to eat healthy in this fast paced profession.


the_river_july_2013_048.JPGIn recent years I have added a new career, Professional Fishing, this lifestyle can also put someone attempting to eat healthy at a loss. A tournament is a three day event where anglers are guaranteed to fish the first two days and have to qualify in the top 10-12 depending on the league to fish on the third day. So what anglers refer to as practice time can begin 3-5 days before the official event begins. A typical day is getting up before dawn, and getting out and staying out on the water until dark. Once off the water, anglers will complete boat preparation for the next days practice, grab a quick dinner and sleep, then back out to do it all over again. As the week progresses into the first tournament day, one can see how not being in peak physical condition could have an effect on how efficiently you fish. Tournament days consist of 8 hours to catch your five biggest fish. Every single second can count and ounces determine if you cash a check. Many people don't think of Professional anglers as athletes but I challenge anyone who doesn’t to come and do what I do for a week and ask them how their body feels at the end of the week. Professional angling requires peak physical conditioning and mental awareness in order to perform at your best.


When my first bag of ENERGYbits arrived, my wife and I decided first we would slightly adjust our eating habits and start incorporating ENERGYbits into our daily food intake. I do not like to use the word diet because it seems like the word refers to something that does not need to be maintained. So we just set a goal to change our eating habits and lessen our unhealthy food intake. We both took some “selfie” photos and at that time. We did not start a vigorous workout routine as we are quite active with walking and hiking with our dogs. Our goal was to be able to lose weight with only a slight change of eating habits and light exercise. Our training habits are going to increase as time goes on. My purpose of this start was to really see if the product would work and if so I would share my story with people who thought they were too far beyond a healthy eating lifestyle or exercise. I will be the first to admit I love to eat and I do not always make good healthy food choices.


How do ENERGYbits work? The technical part of it is best explained by the makers, so go to energybits.com for all the ingredients and information. I am going to tell you how I used them and what it did for me. I will tell you that ENERGYbits are food; they are not a weight loss supplement.


I started taking 15 ENERGYbits in the morning as soon as I got up with my new morning drink of hot lemon water. This drink is said to cleanse the liver and activate enzymes which prepare your system for the day, my wife told me this, and I went with it… my normal routine would consist of 3-5 cups of coffee, so I needed a change. Once I took my first dose of bits I began getting ready for our dog walk or some type of hike which usually amounted to around 2-3 miles at an easy pace. I recommend a partner to start your health regimen, whether it’s a canine companion or a fishing buddy; find someone who will help keep you motivated. I am lucky; I have four dogs and my wife so it is hard to miss a day.



After returning from the walk I make a small breakfast consisting of eggs, fruit and some yogurt or a smoothie. By this time I am awake and energized ready for the day. At lunchtime I have a salad, sometimes with soup and more ENERGYbits. In the afternoon I will choose a snack such as almonds, wasabi peas or some type of trail mix. It is also important to remember to drink lots of fluids for several reasons. Many people do not drink the proper amount of fluids each day. I can say I struggle with feeling full, I hate that empty feeling and water seems to fill me up. I make sure I have water bottles and low calorie drink flavorings if I need some flavor.



I am at work at dinner time so I have to prepare food and take it to work because otherwise it is easy to get into a fast food routine, no thank you!! For me, I crave high protein meals and chicken does the trick. I normally throw another dose of ENERGYbits in either before or after dinner. For me it was all about maintaining energy and feeling full so I would take them when my energy started to drop or I was getting hungry.


My biggest challenge has been at 11 pm when I get home from work. Shift work has resulted in my worst eating habit which is eating a large amount before going to sleep. So instead of eating leftovers in the fridge, I have been choosing a container of yogurt which is working well for me.


As I write this story on January 19, 2014 I have reached a weight of 215 pounds. So in about a month I have managed to drop ten pounds. Those ten pounds came off walking about three to four times a week and eating as described above. There was nothing remotely difficult in reaching that ten pound loss. I did this experiment for other people who think that they may not be able to lose weight or get fit. There is nothing simpler than going out for a walk and using ENERGYbits to curb your appetite and still have useful energy.


Tomorrow starts phase two of my training. I am taking a different approach to my training this year, focusing on being lean and fit. In previous years I have trained hard, ate plenty of food to bulk up and lifted weights for hours on end. I am not saying that it’s a bad thing but at this point in my life I am focused at becoming an angling champion and I feel the best way for me to accomplish that is to be lean and fit which will give me every bit of mental focus and motivation I need to become a champion.


I approached ENERGYbits and told them my story and how I thought their product is an anglers dream come true. After seeing what it has done for me up to this point and how it will help me in the future I knew I had to become part of this team. If you need that high energy food during an event but do not want to take the time to eat, this is the product for you! So when you see me out on the trail this year and are still wondering about the product hit me up for a sample and you will be on your way to a healthy and fit lifestyle.


I know some of my angling buddies out there will say it seems kind of expensive so lastly I want to address this issue. I will admit I am a frugal as the next guy when it comes to buying stuff with the exception of one thing... fishing equipment! I have no problem spending twenty dollars on the newest crankbait, knowing in one cast that bait could be gone. On the other hand getting me to spend money on dress shoes is like pulling teeth! The breakdown on purchasing of this product is simple for two reasons. First and foremost it’s a healthy alternative “food” that is good for you; this should be a no-brainer. Second it is a product that in training or tournament situations can give you that edge to become a champion. Other popular products I see anglers use to “get them through the day” are:


5 hour energy type products: 2 per day= $4.32

Energy drinks: 2 per day= $6.00

ENERGYbits: 30 bits= $2.40


So when you break down the price and healthy alternative there is no doubt this product should be in your boat to enhance you work out and performance routines!

That Energybits price is based on a discount code FISHING, of course FISHING, what else would I have for a discount code?!?!


At the end of my second phase of training I will post some before and after photographs. Throughout the rest of my training I will continue to share tips, recipes and fishing adventures so be sure to follow us in social media at the following links:42.jpg



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Thanks for reading!

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