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Posted by chris on December 19, 2014

Chris Flint and UpNorthOutdoors join BIG BEAR FISHING RODS PRO STAFF



 We are happy to announce for the 2015 fishing season we will be joining the BIG BEAR FISHING RODS PRO Staff team. We are excited to join the team for our new adventures in 2015 we will be fishing the BASS Northern Opens and the Northern Rayovac Series. 




BIG BEAR FISHING RODS allows an angler many different options on building a custom rod at an affordable price which is why we chose to join this Pro Staff Team. Every angler has specific characteristics that makes them have a favorite rod and BIG BEAR FISHING RODS allows that angler to make sure each rod is your favorite rod.

 Over the last several years I have been able to really dial in a drop shot technique for w3.jpgcatching giant smallmouth especially on the St. Lawrence River. A lot of my success has been because of the set up I use to catch and control these giant aggressive smallmouth. With BIG BEAR FISHING RODS I can now have the perfect drop shot rod built and share that set up with my fellow anglers allowing them to dial in this awesome pattern. I firmly believe that in order to catch giant river smallmouth in current it is all about your setup. I will be able to have that rod built through BIG BEAR RODS and take the guess work out of the set up for other anglers.


BIG BEAR FISHING RODS can build any setup that you need to land that trophy fish. Spinnerbait, top-water, flipping swim-baits you name it and they can build it. This season I will be set up with technique specific rods to cover all the situations that I might encounter while on tour. If you are interested in seeing the setup be sure to come talk to me when you see me out on the water this year.


The Big Bear Grip design allows anglers to make longer more accurate

casts and solid more powerful hook sets without limiting sensitivity or

increasing weight. It also helps to reduce hand fatigue and performs

incredibly in wet and cold conditions. The grips are made from a secret

synthetic rubber formula using dual ply technology. The inside is hard for

maximum sensitivity and durability. The outside is firm and textured for

extra rod control and comfort.4c66handle.jpg

  • If it’s raining, water is channeled underneath your hand and

    it won’t slip on the hook set or on a long cast. 

  • The grips are insulating from the cold. 

  • They warm up with the heat from your hand after just a few cast. 

  • Your hand will not be as tried at the end of the fishing day because 

  • you do not have to hold Big Bear rods as tightly as conventional rods.

  • butthandle.jpg

All Big Bear rods also have a split handle The butt grips are cushioned and rounded for hard hook sets; and long enough for comfortable two handed cast.


Large font on the split handle allows anglers to easily identify the LPA (Length, Power, Action) of a rod while still in the rod box.


We  want to thank BIG BEAR FISHING RODS  for letting us join the team and we look forward to an awesome season working with them.  Chris and Jen Flintus.jpg



You can follow our adventures and season on our like page on facebook UPNORTHOutdoors

For more information on BIG Bear FISHING RODS click on the link: BIG BEAR FISHING RODS