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St.Lawrence County Fishing Report

Posted by chris on May 27, 2013

 June 4, 2013 -Summer is here please take steps to avoid transporting evasive species!



 I plan on keeping a page dedicated to fishing reports on the local waters, specifically bass fishing. Although our season has not opened yet my father and I are  on the water as much as possible fishing for whatever is in season. The early spring we like to target crappie and walleye.We will continue to update this page with weekly reports on what is happening in our area so check back often and if you have any questions or need some information drop me an email.

June 4, 2013

Summer has arrived and along with that fishing season is in full swing. It is important for fisherman to remember when traveling from one body of water to another not to transport invasive species. This cross contamination can ruin a fishery as a result of anglers being lazy. When you are done fishing at a location be sure to take time and clean off your boat, trailer and truck in the parking lot, above the water line. Leave the weeds, grass ect. which has come from the body of water you were fishing at that location. Be sure when you arrive home to wash down your boat preferably with hot water, and any live wells or containers which could hold species that may contaminate another body of water. By taking the time to do this we will preserve our bodies of water for others to enjoy in the future. Good luck and enjoy your time on the water!

May 27,2013 

Due to the past weeks inclement weather and storms I was not able to make it on the water or were many of my fishing companions. You can expect because of the cold front and heavy rains we received, water will be slightly high on many of our local bodies of water. The water temperature has dropped several degrees during this cold front. This does not mean the fishing will be bad but anglers will need to slow down their presentations and work for bites. This just means anglers will have to soak their baits a little longer and give those fish a chance to react, they are cold and somewhat lethargic after the cold front. With the weather breaking and warming again fishing later in the day after the sun has been out will likely be your best bet.