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Posted by chris on February 27, 2014

logo_2.JPG                      What's that Logo all about?


I am sure by now many of our close friends, family and social media friends have seen a picture of a logo that we have had designed. We have been displaying the logo since we recently had it done along with a new business name, but other than that we have not said much about why or how it was designed. As my 2014 season is quickly approaching, it's about time to let everyone in on some of our plans for this season.  web_1.JPG

Our logo was something that we have been thinking about since I first started fishing professionally two years ago. We wanted to come up with something that represented “us” which would include where we came from, who we are and the people that have supported us since joining the FLW Fishing Series and now the Bassmaster Series. Neither myself nor Jen have artistic skill so we reached out to our cousin Sarah Majo who is one of the most creative and artistic people we know and asked her to design a logo based on personal information about our lifestyle, attitude and motivation in life. After a few conversations and designs Sarah came up with a simple yet meaningful design for us. The logo is obviously two very sharp fish hooks with an arrow cutting through the center of them. The hooks represent what motivates me in life; fishing, water and being outside. With the hooks being positioned where they are it also represents my zodiac sign which is Pisces. The hooks which have an arrow that pierces directly through them represents Jen, a sign of the Sagittarius. Also “An arrow can only be shot by pulling backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it's going to launch you into something great!”. Sara came up with the perfect combination of what both of us are about and how we have become such a great team in life, work and reaching our goals and dreams. So that’s what our logo is all about now let's move on to the name and whats happening in 2014.us1.JPG