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Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures

Posted by chris on August 27, 2013


Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures receives generous donation to support soldiers and their familes.

Liane Haley passed away in December of 2012 and she would have been 105 years young that week.  Liane had a special interest in supporting Veteran Causes as well as Animal Causes.  Liane's husband, Fred Haley, served in World War II.  She and her husband settled in Ogdensburg and lived there until  iane moved to Canton later in life.  Liane's great niece Linda Fay expressed an interest in the Wounded Warrior Outdoors program as something that her Great Aunt Liane would be thrilled to support. I am a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Outdoors Adventures program advertising their logo on my truck and jerseys in an attempt to recruit donations for the program. Linda Fay was aware of this and graciously made a donation of $1000 dollars to the Wounded Warrior Outdoors Adventures program from the estate of Liane and Fred Haley.


Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures goal is to bring national companies, community leaders, local business, media outlets and veteran organizations together in a grassroots effort to raise awareness and support for our military community. They organize and conduct fund raising events. WWOA works with state and local leader to provide fishing, hunting, boating, camping and other outdoor adventures. The mission is to provide a free relaxing outdoor adventure to wounded warriors, battle buddies, veterans and their families.


To make a donation or support the WWOA program click on the Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures . A great big thank you to Linda Fay for the donation and a bigger thank you to all the men and women who protect our great country every day.



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Chris Flint