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My 12 Hour Adventure- Garrett the GSP


 SNIFF, SNIFFFF, mhhh something smells good out in the back fifty. Georgia stand point and watch for security checks. Dig, dig, dig, dig. Dig, dig, dig, dig. Chew, chew, pull bite, Dig dig. Ohh shhh someone is coming. Ohh hey dad just chilling in the back yard with peanut, nothing to see here. Georgia is he gone? Yup dig, dig dig, chew, bite, dig dig dig. Almost there dig dig , chew, bite, dig dig. Here we go just a little more if I could just suck in a little more, ohh there it is I am outta here!!!


Full speed ahead!!! I dont know where I am going but I know its full speed ahead. Ohh man it smells great out here now lets see what I can get into. I am running, running, running, ohhh frogs, mice, frog ohhh wait a minute what is that delectable smell?? Yes dead animal. I am rolling , rolling yes I smell wonderful now. Running, running, deer!, deer! Whew they are to fast and its to hot for that. Running, running, Turkey!!! jackpot those look good, chasing, chasing. Dam they can fly? Oh well. Running and running whoaaa hit the brakes!!!!! BUFFALO, who knew. Wait a minute, BIG angry buffalo, I am running, running yikes almost did not make it. They taste much better than they look. Whew its hot ohh look a swamp, Splashing, splashing, this mud feels so cool and it smells so good. Ahh refreshed, I am running, running eeeek a snake!!! I hate snakes they are so slithery! I am running faster and faster. Geese, I know dad hates geese maybe I can catch a few, chasing, chasing nope they gone! Whew kinda getting tired, now that I think about it I am kind of hungry, I probably should head back because I know mom and dad are gonna be a little upset and worried. So I just need to turn and head this way... or wait maybe I need to go this way ohh look partridge!!! Running, running. I did not catch that either. Ok I need to head home its getting dark. So if I just cross this field it should be right there. Mmhh, that does not look right either.


Alright I wont bore you with the rest of my trip trying to get home. Most of you are probably aware by now I became pretty famous last week on mom and dads facebook account because I had escaped from home. Yeah that’s right its Garrett the GSP here and I thought I should fill everyone in on the real story behind my antics. Some of my escape had to do with the wonderful smells that were coming from outback. You see our neighbors have tons and tons of acres, raise Buffalo, cow and it seems there are all sorts of critters running around out there that I needed to investigate. But here is the real reason I escaped. Tournament season is about to begin and with that so do all of our adventures on the road and the water. If you have followed any of my other stories you know that I am as big a coach for my dad as my mom is to him. I realized as I was outside enjoying all the smells of the fresh country air that humans often overlook the great things that are right in front of them every day. They overlook the little things, take for granted the big things and sometimes just don’t pay attention to how good things really are.


So I felt like before Dads season got going I needed to get him focused, motivated and make him realize how good he really has it. My mission …. escape for 12 full hours. The goal: make him exercise for 8 straight hours until he gets leg cramps so bad he can barely walk. Make him be thankful for everything he has in his life , including me and my three sisters, mom. A great family that supports him and his dreams. A new boat and great sponsors.


So the day came and went and I arrived back home after being gone for a full twelve hours. As I strolled in the driveway I could smell dad was sleeping in the camper. Not sure if mom made him sleep out there for letting me escape! But anyway it was time to face the man. I walked up onto the back steps of the camper and showed myself. I dont think dads feet even hit the camper floor when he came out. He picked me up, gave me the biggest hug and went running inside carrying me like a little puppy. Once inside mom screamed with tears of joy and they both were sobbing uncontrollably on me. I guess they were happy to see me. I actually felt a little bad that I stressed them out that much. But here is my point ( HA yeah the pun was intended). Everyday humans think they have bad things that happen and often focus to much on those issues. When all it takes are the little things in life to make you smile each day. I can see the focus in Dad over the last few days along with the appreciation for everything he has in his life, I just needed to take a little adventure of my own to show it to him.


So it does not matter if you are a dog owner, cat owner, bird owner. Whatever it is in life that makes you smile just remember it and each day you will be a lot happier person. Our adventures are about to begin as we head to Virginia for the first event of the year so be sure to check back soon for more of my adventures and dog wisdom!!


Thanks for reading and always chase your tail like you will catch it!!



Garrett the GSP


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