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HUK Bassmaster Elite - St. Lawrence River

Posted by chris on July 5, 2017


July 20-23 the HUK Bassmaster Elite series on the St. Lawrence River arrives in our area.  The fishing industry has become big business and the fan base continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Young and old, angler or people who never even fish have followed this sport for many reasons. Maybe it’s the fancy truck or the rocket like bass boats. Or the thrill of seeing the anglers bring huge fish to the scales. Now add social media, live broadcast it lets the fan be right there in the moment with the angler to experience the thrill of what we feel. You will not find more of an emotional sport that has such highs and lows that can happen from one minute to the next. There is probably not another sport where you will see a grown man break down and cry than in bass fishing. A highly competitive sport where you lose more times than you win it’s the most mentally challenging game you can play. So, clear your calendar and open your arms and welcome some of the best anglers in the world to our area. This is a great opportunity for all of us on many levels, the financial impact this event has on our local business is phenomenal.

Being a local angler and fishing the Bass Open and Costa Series I am familiar with many of the challenges these anglers face while being on the road. Some anglers leave their homes and families for months at a time. The challenge of finding quality fish in a short period of time for these anglers can be stressful. Then add other factors like vehicle maintenance, housing, locating safe places to keep your equipment etc. can be taxing on anglers. So, I wanted to put together a short article just for the Elite anglers or anyone else who might be visiting our area to make things a bit less stressful when trying to find services they might need. I have developed a great local support in my community and wanted to provided people who visit our area with good contacts to make their visit a little bit easier so they can concentrate on fishing. So below I am going to list some great business and contacts that may help them if they are in need of anything from vehicle maintenance, food or lures that may be specific to the area. So be sure to screen shot this article it could help your stay be much easier and give you more time on the water. 


The Lone Wolf Saloon

Posted by admin on April 5, 2017

IMG_1355.JPGMy season is about to go into full swing and we have never been more excited. This year we are happy to announce that we do not have any sponsors! Yes I wrote that correct no sponsors. What we do have this year are a big list of Partners. Why partners? Well as we developed promotional and marketing strategies over the past six years we began to realize how important we both were to each other. We also learned that as our list grew, we also continued to have the same people supporting us each season, so it's a partnership. 


So I won't waste anymore time explaining what I have learned let us make our first announcement of the season..........


Visit Massena New York

Posted by chris on January 25, 2017

UP NORTH Outdoors



Massena, NY

 I have put together a few links and information to make your visit to our area a little easier. Also be sure to follow me on Facebook @UPNORTHOUTDOORS or Instagram @chrisflintfishing , my social media accounts can be easily located through my website https://chrisflintfishing.com/ . Through my social media, you can have access to present and past outdoor adventures which take place in our area like fishing, hiking and camping. For more detailed questions contact me at [email protected]

FLW Costa Series Oneida Lake

Posted by chris on September 5, 2016

 In the last article I wrote, I went over the mental challenges of fishing events and how it can quickly turn your tournament result from good to bad if you do not condition your mind to be prepared for every situation that is thrown at you. I had no idea I was already writing about my next event... BOAT PICTURE.jpg


Breaking Down Oneida Lake


Oneida Lake is approximately 21 miles long and five miles wide and is a fairly shallow lake with plenty of weeds and rocks for fish to hide. The common forage for bass in the lake are perch, shiner and gobies. With the shape of the lake a light wind in the wrong direction can create hazardous fishing conditions for the anglers very quickly. This time of year many of the bass start to school up and this would be a key to dialing in some bites for a limit each day on the lake. Oneida is also one of the few lakes where you can find schooling fish pushing bait to the surface which creates a great top water bite and can quickly help you find a group of fish. 

IMG_1766.JPGLast season FLW Northern Costa Series announced the tournament schedule for the 2016 season. I was beyond excited to see that the series would be coming to my home water again, the St. Lawrence River, out of Clayton, NY. From the moment they announced the schedule, a day did not pass that I did not think about that event. The river is a special place for me and it is also where I made my first top 10 cut as a Rookie in the Costa series in 2012 where I finished in 6th place. The giant deep water smallmouth bass is where I am comfortable so my confidence level was through the roof!

Fast forward to July 2016 and the event was quickly approaching. I had taken almost three weeks off work to prepare for the tournament and set my camper up in Clayton, NY. This would give me the opportunity to fish Lake Ontario, I don’t have much experience there even though it is so close. I knew from the past that the lake would play a big factor for the win. I also knew the Lake can get nasty and with the weather patterns I predicted there would be a day when the lake would not be fishable which would also work out great for me to get a big bag of fish out of the river. Little did I know that the wheels would spin off and my game plan would quickly crumble as fast as I thought I put it together. Reflecting back after the event it is always easier to figure out why. The mental game of fishing is always a huge factor that I study and here are a few things I learned after this event.

My wife Jen is my fishing partner, although she does not fish, she plays a huge role in what I have accomplished fishing and with sponsor support. As my partner she is my coach, assisting me in trying to stay in that mental game which can be more challenging than catching fish sometimes. She is one of the most positive people you will meet, and she presses me every day to keep a mindset of being a winner no matter what happens. This tournament I learned about the subconscious mind and how it plays a huge role in everything you do on and off the water. IMG_1767.JPG